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We all know what happens; Chell deactivates GLaDOS, gets put in extended relaxation only to be reawakened years later to fight again and escape. But what really happened in Aperture Science during the intervening years?

Have you ever wondered: Why does Aperture look so different in Portal 2? There are holes in this story, questions left unanswered! Conversion is here to fill some of these holes. You will see completely new locations of the Aperture Science facility, and use new testing elements. You will travel with new companions and encounter new foes.

Announcing prePostscript: a Conversion successor

prePostscript poster

Announcing the successor mod.


What is prePostscript?
It's a mini story-driven mod based on the ideas I had in Conversion. It's the same setting: pre-Portal 2, post-Portal 1 timeframe. It also has your good old pal Green, the core.

Why is it not called Conversion?
The deal with prePostscript is that I'm the only one from the original development team who's making this mod. I just wanted it to have a separate name to avoid any confusion with what was promised and all that.

What do you mean "mini mod"? Is it a map pack?
No, it's a full blown story mod with dialogs, new mechanics, and plot. It's just much shorter than it was originally intended for Conversion, instead of 6-chapter 6-hour long mod, you'll be getting around 2-3 hours of content. It's gonna have 3-4 Chapters and some additions that will make the game a tad more replayable.

How different is it to Conversion?
Well, I'm making everything from scratch, that means all the maps, models, features. The original plot is somewhat the same, I've just changed some characters and added some plotlines to better tie Portal and Portal 2. The playable character is gonna be different as well, more on that later.

Is it gonna get canceled too?
Most likely. I can't promise anything, but I'll be focusing more on prePostscript as it's my way of learning new skills needed for future game development career.

Steam release?
Yes. It's gonna be under the same AppID as Conversion.

For Free?

It's a new mod created by the guy who designed Conversion (excluding models, maps and soundtrack) meant to provide at least something to those 50,000 people who put Conversion in their Wish List on Steam.
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