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Portal 1.5
A complete remake of Portal on the Portal 2 engine. I'm first going to recreate the entire game, with the same puzzles, story, etc. Also, if you see an update of a chamber further on in the game, this doesn't mean I'm that far, I'm not going to make the maps in order.

Chamber progress:

-Chamber 00- Needs better lighting, other than that, it's done
-Chamber 01- All visuals complete, some issues with portal cycling
-Chamber 02- Very close to complete, I somehow managed to make the whole functional chamber in 1 day
-Chamber 03- [NOT STARTED]
-Chamber 04- Fully functional, better lighting is needed.
-Chamber 05- Pretty much done
-Chamber 06- [NOT STARTED]
-Chamber 07- [NOT STARTED]
-Chamber 08- [NOT STARTED]
-Chamber 09- [COMPLETE]
-Chamber 10- [NOT STARTED]

So you may have noticed that I haven't updated in a long time, this is because I have joined the team behind Portal: Alive and Kicking, a mod that also aimed to recreate Portal for Portal 2. I am no longer going to be working on this mod, but I kinda split the mod in 2. The obvious first part of the split is AAK (Alive and Kicking)

Images of chamber 07, the first chamber for me to complete (click for larger image).

A&K <3 1.5
A&K <3 1.5

And here's a gameplay video of it.

So for all you guys that didn't support Alive and Kicking before, go support it now, because the team deserves it ;)

The next part of the split is not as big of a deal, but I still thought I'd tell you guys. I have started a brand new mod, Portal: Rebirth, as a tribute to the styles of Portal and Portal 2 combined. It's planned to be a shorter experience, probably shorter than Portal 1, with unique new puzzles using Portal 2 elements with combination visuals from both the first and second games.

A few pics (click for larger)

Chamber 00 - Added Complexity
Elevator Style

So if you guys supported 1.5, please continue to support by following AAK and Rebirth :)
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