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  1. Gish

    Полный список обновлений The Lab

    April 28, 2016 General Pressing the Application Menu button with skip the Valve Intro for returning players. The intro can now be skipped with the following command line parameters: -nointro or -novid Players can use these command line params to load The Lab to a specific scene: -xortex...
  2. Gish

    Полной список обновлений Narbacular Drop

    February 1, 2005 Pre-Alpha All levels created in Hammer Editor, and loadable into the game. System for success conditions implemented. Two functional levels with the puzzles fully implemented. All game objects are implemented. Camera interpolation will be smoother. Game Play: The player can...
  3. Gish

    Полный список обновлений Portal 2

    April 19, 2011 Undocumented changes Added a taunt sound file for P-body. Files changed Deleted: portal2/cfg/config.cfg Modified: portal2/demoheader.tmp Modified: portal2/modelsounds.cache Added: portal2/pak01_dir.vpk/sound/player/eggbot/taunts/eggbottractorbeam_09.wav Обновление от 19 апреля...
  4. Gish

    Полный список обновлений Portal 2 Authoring Tools

    May 12, 2011 Patch Portal 2 Authoring Tools Fixed problem preventing Windows XP users from starting the SDK Fixed certain keystrokes being ignored by Hammer when browsing models Cleaned up unused entity entries in the included FGDs Обновление от 12 мая 2011 Portal 2 Authoring Tools Исправлена...
  5. Gish

    Полный список обновлений Portal

    October 30, 2007 Patch (Обновление от 30 октября 2007) Portal Optimized Portal demos to have fewer issues when going through actual Portals Portal Исправлены ошибки оптимизации в записи demo, игры Portal, при прохождении через порталы
  6. Gish

    Steam запретил распространение патчей, снимающих цензуру

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