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Half-Life: Generation


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Команда форума
15 Окт 2017

Half-Life: Generation is a series of game compilation releases, which include updated versions of Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike. Three different versions of Half-Life: Generation were released in Europe and Israel. The same compilations were released for the North American, Australasian and South African markets under different names.

The first version of Half-Life: Generation was released in 1999 in a black box with orange lettering. It consisted of Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition, which also included Team Fortress Classic on the same CD. Outside of Europe this compilation was known as Half-Life: Adrenaline Pack and included 3 separate CDs.

The second edition was released in 2000 and used a similar box design. It included all of the games from the previous version with the addition of Half-Life: Counter-Strike. It was called Half-Life: Platinum Collection outside of Europe and included 4 CDs.

The third release in 2002 featured a blue colored box with white text, another CD with Half-Life: Blue Shift was added. This release was also known as Platinum Collection outside of Europe.


  • 84px-Half-Life_Generation_BS.jpg

    Blue Shift edition cover.