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Aperture Science

Мы делаем то, что должны, потому что мы можем.

BBS Progress Bar
00 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 76

The Progress Bar
At about 10:15 PM GMT (5:15 PM EST) on March 3rd, a new prompt appears when you connect to the BBS. It includes an ETA, which changes randomly and is likely useless (and is sometimes humorous), and a progress bar, which has reached 76/76 as of 1:04 PM GMT (7:04 PM EST; 10:04 AM PST).

  • The progress bar is 76 characters wide (78 if you count the borders).
  • Each ▒ is considered one block.
  • The : character appears to equal half of a ▒. Update: This appears to have only happened at 38.5. While 38.5 was seen multiple times, the : character has not been seen in the progress bar since.
  • The progress bar was first sighted by CatZilla, on March 3rd, 2010, at 9:51 PM GMT (1:51 PM PST). It was at 38 and a half blocks.
  • For Images found in the BBS before, during and after the progress bar, look at the Known Images section.

First Sightings

Progress/76DateTime first seenTime since lastNo. samples since last
38.5March 313:51NANA
41March 317:10NA1
42March 318:1565 min5
44March 320:44NA3
46March 321:23NA1
  1. Connect a low-speed dial-up modem to your computer.
  2. Connect your cell phone to the modem. Buy dial-up connection access (it can be an internet time card or your ISP's service).
  3. Setup dial-up internet connection in your computer.
  4. Launch HyperTerminal (it was placed in Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Connection in Windows XP). If you're using Windows 7, install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode and then launch HyperTerminal through Windows XP mode.
  5. Create new connection. The number is 1 425 8225251.
  6. Double-click on newly created connection.
Remember that if you will connect to dial-up internet throung ISP you will pay for minutes at BBS (depending on your ISP, except ISPs with free dial-up connection).
How to get on our Google Wave page

To get onto our page on Google Wave you will need:
  • A Wave compatible web browser (Internet Explorer will not work unless you install a plugin and Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, and Apple Safari work).
  • A Google acount
If you have not already sign into Google Wave, once you are signed in click here to join.
Information Dump (Last Updated June 5th)

Do not call the BBS via a traditional telephone. You'll tie up the BBS!
(You can, however, put them below)
Attention Wave trolls: we can see your names and/or e-mail when you type things.
Suspend Until E3:

Where we are:

Durring the presentation a Blue screen of death occurs during the presentation saying "Suspend until EEE" (E3):

Official Announcement:
First Teaser:

Compilation Enhanced:
- Enhanced ascii art via some blurring/sharpening, noise reduction, messing with levels and rotating where appropriate
Current Goals:
  • Waiting for E3 when the ARG starts again.
  • Trying to figure out what all the ASCII pics mean. Right now we're only getting a stream of ASCII art, so until the stream ends/terminates, we have nothing to do but sit and interpret the images as the ASCII art comes through. All data + speculation rew
[1] What we have discovered
[1.1] Portal Update
On March 1, 2010 the PC version of Portal recieved an updated containing a new achievement. The new achievement is for finding 26 newly hidden radios throughout the game, bringing them to...
All Audio Files Zipped : File:DinoSounds.zip or DinoSounds.zip
Initial Dino Files, From 3/1/2010 Update
  • Dinosaur1
  • Dinosaur2
  • Dinosaur3
  • Dinosaur4
  • Dinosaur5
  • Dinosaur6
  • Dinosaur7
  • Dinosaur8
  • Dinosaur9
  • Dinosaur10
  • Dinosaur11
  • Dinosaur12
  • Dinosaur13
  • Dinosaur14
  • Dinosaur15
  • Dinosaur16
  • Dinosaur17
  • Dinosaur18
  • Dinosaur19
  • Dinosaur20
  • Dinosaur21
  • Dinosaur22
  • Dinosaur23
  • Dinosaur24
  • Dinosaur25
  • Dinosaur26
"Fizzles" Added with 3/3/2010 Update
  • Fizzle
  • Fizzle2
  • Fizzle3
  • Noise
BBS Image and Text dumps. There is a Telnet server for those wishing to view most of the images directly, serving dumps of the BBS images. This server is hosted by someone in the IRC: (open in RAW mode, not Telnet mode).

Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3

Screen Captures

Note: Wiki does not allow embedding of external images (yet), enjoy these links. Please clean up/add more specific descriptions of the images.
  • Big composite image
  • Huge composite image
  • Colored Compilation
  • Non-Colored Compilation
  • GLaDOS? 1
  • GLaDOS? 2
  • Misc compilation
  • Misc compilation
  • Misc complation
  • updated image (missing the first pic from stream 3)
  • blurred out ones
  • blurred out full
  • new from rmoore
  • 3\4\2010 5:12 pm PST
  • 3\4\2010 7:04 pm PST
  • 3\4\2010 9:31 pm PST
Some Text BBS Logs

Each individual record starts with a small header, containing the filename and filesize. The filesize seems to be accurate. Testing (by copy-pasting into Notepad++) has shown some inaccuracy, but not much (ex: 568 where the log stated 570). The meaning of the filenames is still unknown...

---- BEGIN RECORD 'C:\07533945.935\09823219.940' (570 BYTES) ----
MEMORANDUMS: Filed under...
  • BBS Dumps
  • Audio Dump
  • Wave Dump
  • Known Text Dumps
  • Kevin_B_ER BBS Dial-in Logs
  • Filenames, sorted by 'filesize'
  • APF/AMF Dumps
  • More APF Dumps from TheByrus
  • TheByrus BBS Logs (Early Morning March 5th)
* Nago Pastebin Logs Mar 04 ~4AM
* Nago's BBS Logs on DropBox: (EST, GMT-5)

  • 2010-03-04 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00
  • 2010-03-05 00:00 01:00 02:00 03:00 04:00 05:00 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
13:00 13:00 (Drattmann) 14:00 (Backup)
All Nago's BBS Output up through 2010-03-05 19:00:00 EST. Thanks for playing along, everyone!
Several of the ASCII pictures seem to feature chemical formulas.

It is hard to make out, due to the low quality of the ASCII image, but it seems to be a fish-shaped volatile organic compound. This can be concluded because the molecule is depicted as consisting out of lines, a common way to describe organic compounds, and a fish. Note: One of the ingredients for the cake in Portal is "Fish-shaped Ethylbenzene". Could this be that chemical?

Actually identifying the chemical itself will be very difficult, if not impossible, due to the aforementioned image quality. Characteristic groups (such as -COOH or -NH2) can not be seen clearly (assuming this organic molecule is an amino acid).

Both molecules contain aromatic or cyclic 6-carbon rings. This molecule may have something to do with a neurotoxin (certain pesticides smell like apples during certain production stages) or could be the molecular structure of a sugar. One thing is for sure, this molecule is a fairly complex molecule (assuming it is a molecule at all), some areas are fairly unstable assuming they are other than just carbon.

The triangles on the far right are making it hard to determine a chemical formula. If we assume that the triangles do not exist then a chemical formula of C9H13O3 is possible, however; with the triangles it is difficult to know if this is accurate. According to an Organic Chemistry professor the compound would not be stable, because of steric strain caused by the cyclopropane rings. This indicates that there is some sort of functional group being represented by the triangles, or some sort of in-world molecule that we do not have.

Some oddities with the two compounds - Chemical compounds with double bonds usually contain 4 parts attached to them, the above molecule does appear to have a double bond with 4 parts attached but it is not a common way to draw double bonds.

CJohnson : Danger Memo

MEMORANDUMS: Filed under CJohnson: 76550293-G

A lot of you have been raising concerns about the so-called "dangers" of what we're all doing here. The beancounters told me to tell you that as of today, testing will no longer be as mandatory or as dangerous. That's not gonna happen, and here's the reason:

Science isn't about why, it's about why not. You ask: Why is so much of our science dangerous? I say: Why not marry safe science if you love it so much. In fact, why not invent a special safety door that won't hit you in the butt on the way out, because you are fired.

Plus, in the event of your death, I personally guarantee that, thanks to the form you were required to sign this morning, your family will not suffer the indignities of a prolonged and costly legal battle against Aperture Science. Trust me, I am rich, and it is a burden I would not wish on anyone.

To summarize: 6218376213 wjqehkjh -213&&&^%@5*(*@))@)#*&@ +---+++

CJohnson : The Three Pillars of Aperture Science

MEMORANDUMS: Filed under CJohnson: 188454-G

&&^521762 jsow remind you that Aperture Science is built on three pillars. Pillar one: Science without results is just witchcraft. Pillar two: Get results or you're fired. Pillar three: if you suspect a coworker of bein' a witch, report them immediately. I cannot stress that enough. Witchcraft will not be tolerated.

CJohnson : Death and Honey

MEMORANDUMS: Filed under CJohnson: 1564029-G

&&*&)90 &^@^@% &@!%@$%@!&@^ ((#(kjkjsdsajdlkdjsk ^@%% and do not 2612%^54talk to me about casualty rates. The bean counters told me I couldn't fire a man just for bein in a wheelchair. Did it anyway! Ramps are expensive. Or when they said I couldn't practice beekeeping in the office. They should have told that to the honey that won first place in the state finals! &43$$$ $#@^^&@*&^

Hell, they even said I couldn't cheat death. You know where I'd be if I followed the...
Resource Name
Resource Pre-Display Error MessageResource Size
Resource TypeResource Image
Image VerifiedText file
Real Image
00781706.309\05441580.485WARNING: UNDISCOVERED CORRUPTION IN ERROR CORRECTION ( ABEND 132 )7124ImageTurret blueprintYTextImage
00830915.173\05162493.588WARNING: DETECTING POSSIBLE MFM CORRUPTION ON ATA BUS 37304ImageUnknown / Door?YText
00948720.247\01544256.369ERROR: ERROR NOT UNDETECTED3731ImageCreepy diagram with eyes and handYText
01980182.265\07179630.193WARNING: EXTERNAL DATA-LINE STABILITY COMPROMISED9644ImagePneumatic Diversity VentN+NoneImage
02010175.163\04544046.237ERROR: NO ERROR...
The BBS is a component of the Portal ARG. It appears to be the most important part of the puzzle altogether.

>== Timeline ==

On March 1st, 2010, when the puzzle started, Portal players around the world discovered the BBS number (see Discovery below). Many began dialing with phones, causing the BBS to become busy to others, who were trying to connect the correct way. Additionally, nobody knew the correct login information.

Serious TODO.

On March 3rd, 2010, the progress bar appeared, as well as "-- INITIATED VALUABLE ASSET RETRIEVAL" The BBS presumably dispatched the Valuable Asset Retrieval Unit at this time as well.

What is a BBS?

A Bulletin Board System (BBS) is the term used for a system to handle message boards, much like the Internet forums we see today. Bulletin Board Systems were commonly used in the 1980s and early 1990s, before the widespread popularity of the Internet, as a means of communication. To access a BBS, one simply needs to call the BBS using a modem, through "terminal software," such as HyperTerminal.


This BBS was discovered from the SSTV pictures generated from the dinosaur wav files. Images 2, 6, 8, and 15 hinted at a BBS. Images 1, 3, 5, 10, 13, 14, 16, and 21 had seemingly random numbers and letters in them, but when put in the correct order, it gave an MD5 hash of 9459C6CAC8C203B8128B7CC63068D4FD. After thorough brute force attempts, the hash was cracked and revealed the number to the BBS.
IMPORTANT: Do not, under any circumstances, call this number with a telephone! The result is like calling a fax machine and you will hamper the efforts of those with the correct hardware and software to connect to the BBS.

In-game information

While not a true BBS since it doesn't serve as a means of communication, the Portal BBS is accessed using a modem through a terminal. Once connected, the user is...